At Pontus School

The learning environment has been arranged in a new kind of way in the spirit of the curriculum that took effect in 2016. The goal of teaching is that in addition to learning basic skills, the transversal skills of the students are also strengthened. At Pontus School, students have an active role in their learning, and the learning environment has been arranged accordingly.

The timetable includes classes and weekly schedule planning, the amount of which varies depending on the grade. Within the weekly planning, each student can pick their preferred working method from the given alternatives and determine the order in which they will do their work.

There are four closed pods at the Pontus School, each of which has roughly 80 students.

The pod includes four learning spaces similar in size to traditional classrooms and equipped for various purposes, and a central square at the middle of the pod. Each learning space opens up to this central square from one corner.