Pontus nursery and primary school

Pontus nursery and primary school opened its doors in a brand new building in August 2017. The nursery has 190 children while the primary school has 331 pupils.
Students work in four pods. The first, third and fifth graders study in pods called Saimaanselkä and Viherniitty. The second, fourth and the sixth graders work in pods
called Aurinkolaakso and Lupiinirinne.  Education in each unit is provided by 4-5 class teachers, 1-2 special education teachers and 2 -3 school assistants all working together.
Values of the school are based on the sense of community, fairness, appreciation of others and respect for all. Our goal is to create a safe and versatile environment,
which enables learning with respectful interaction. When choosing a learning style, the needs, strengths and interests of the pupils are considered. Students are able to use
a variety of methods and learning tools, such as the Montessori tools, communication through technology and kinesthetic memorization.  Comprehensive collaboration is
a main theme for this school which aims to ready each and every child for the future.